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Valuing Differences

Openness of mind. Diversity of voices. It’s how we learn. It’s how we live. It's what bonds us as a community.

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The residential culture of Exeter supports a vibrant community with the resources, inspiration and people you need to thrive. Whether it’s getting homework help from older students in your dorm or on your sports team, celebrating achievements and joys with friends, meeting with faculty mentors, or working with the robotics team in the Design Lab, Exeter has what you need to grow in a supportive, respectful environment. 

We all gather twice weekly for assembly, where notable speakers, writers and performers present their ideas. Throughout each day, we connect in smaller groups in the dining halls, student center, the library commons and dorms. Factor in dozens of student-led clubs and outings, up to eight athletic events on Saturdays, and more than 15 performance groups to join, and you begin to see the potential.

Our greatest strengths are the people who are here — both the students and the adults. It is a community of hard workers who share an incredible passion for education, a commitment to excellence, boldness of thinking, and an openness to solving problems."
Principal Bill Rawson
Community is the core of everything we do
Exeter People

“I was nervous at first about asking for help, but I quickly overcame that."


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63 Interscholastic Teams

From laid-back Frisbee to Division 1 prep, you have plenty to choose from.

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Dorms = Lasting Bonds

Most students live in the same dorm for four years, making and reinforcing friendships over time.  

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Student Support

We’re dedicated to helping you thrive at Exeter.

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