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Valuing Differences

Openness of mind. Diversity of voices. It’s how we learn. It’s how we live.

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*** NEW TEXT TBD *** One of the hardest things at Exeter may be trying to choose from amongst all the opportunities available outside of the classroom. From Grammy Award-winner performances to slam poetry events and Pulitzer Prize-winning speakers, Exonians have regular access to thought leaders and entertainers from around the globe.

Factor in dozens of student-led clubs and outings, up to eight athletic events on Saturdays, and more than 15 performance groups to join, and you begin to see the potential. On campus, or off, we’ve got your interests covered.

Our greatest strengths are the people who are here — both the students and the adults. It is a community of hard workers who share an incredible passion for education, a commitment to excellence, boldness of thinking, and an openness to solving problems."
Principal Bill Rawson
Community is the core of everything we do
Tyler Caldwell, Dr. Katy Lilly, Rev Heidi Heath and Chris Thurber

Guiding lights

Students thrive best when they have a support network to lean on. Meet a few of the people working to assist Exonians in their academic, social and emotional growth.

Exeter People

“I was nervous at first about asking for help, but I quickly overcame that."


The best of social media on campus — and beyond!

63 Interscholastic Teams

From laid-back Frisbee to Division 1 prep, you have plenty to choose from.

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Student Support

We’re dedicated to helping you thrive at Exeter.

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Dorms = Lasting Bonds

Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra.

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