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Goodness is a fundamental element of the Exeter equation. From our founding to today, it is by the goodness of individuals like you that our institution thrives. The impact of gifts to the Academy is reflected in the vibrant faces and stories of our faculty and students. 

You can give the gift of knowledge and opportunity. You can add moments of intellectual discovery and broadened worldviews. You can help make our campus a community. 

Your generosity is essential to helping our students learn to become the thinkers and creators who will shape our world. 

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Our endowment provides more than 50 percent of the Academy’s operating revenue. Learn more about the endowment's direct impact on the quality of education of our students. 

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If you're interested in making an endowed gift, or want to explore options, please contact Chuck Ramsay:

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With your support, Exonians will leave Exeter ready to create a better, more just world.