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​The Exeter experience stays with you. Four Exonians share their journeys.

Harkness Was Invented Here

It’s about sharing ideas and taking charge of your learning. It’s about collaboration and respect, insight and creativity. With Harkness, every voice is heard.

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Serving Others is Second Nature

A spirit of empathy and non sibi, or “not for oneself,” infuses everything we do, from team projects to individual actions.

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People Make our School

Our community of students and adults is the very core of Exeter. Their stories reflect shared values of respect and a common energy to find and pursue their purpose.  

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Becoming our best selves
Dr. Ned Hallowell at Phillips Exeter Academy.

Dr. Ned Hallowell ’68

At assembly, the psychiatrist and bestselling author takes Exonians inside the minds of those with ADHD. “It’s a blessing and a curse,” he says.