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EXI409: Advanced Ceramics + Chemistry: C-Squared

Artists need to understand their materials.

Artists need to understand their materials. This advanced interdisciplinary course offers a combination of assigned and self-directed projects with further investigations in clay and labs of working with clay and glaze chemistry. This course encourages students to look at art making through the eyes of an engineer and artist - exercising creativity, problem solving, and independently exploring their unique creative process. Building on skills gained in Introductory Chemistry and Ceramics I, students will scientifically explore how the structure of matter determines the properties, and they will develop a more sophisticated approach to methods and techniques that are used to create forms and glazes. Along with labs on glazes, projects include throwing, hand building, modeling and industrial slip casting which will foster individual style and creativity. Students will focus on process and exploration of a broad range of contemporary clay works: functional, industrial and sculptural. Examples of contemporary artists' pottery and sculpture are used as inspiration for studio assignments. Prerequisite: Art 202 and one year of introductory chemistry or departmental permission. Students may choose to take the course for either a Studio Art or Physical Science credit, which will determine the nature of their final project.