Student Support

Every adult on campus here is dedicated to helping you thrive at Exeter, including teachers, coaches, deans, advisers, club leaders, counselors, the director of well-being and medical staff. They all play a role in ensuring a supportive network for anything that comes up – whether it’s academic, social, emotional or health-related.

Peer support groups are always available to talk and mentor. Student Listeners and dorm proctors, the two largest of these student organizations, receive training from Exeter’s professional counseling staff, including how to provide the right support and when to seek adult intervention.

Healthy Development and Growth

We promote healthy development in all aspects of our students’ lives. This includes everything from personal decision-making to mental health and social pressures. Our expansive adolescent development programs address relationships, identity, stress, sleep, nutrition, sexuality and more. It’s common for students to want help with time management and academic success – our Academic Support Center is easily available during the day and evening. Students looking for physical exercise, nutrition guidance or help with sports and fitness can use the fitness center, and seek assistance from strength and conditioning specialists or our nutritional consultant.

We review the support needs of our students continuously through observations, conversations, surveys and research (including the nationally-recognized Youth Risk Behavior Survey and Prevention Innovations Research Center). Based on our findings, we adapt to make sure that Exonians continue to get the best support available.

Community Is the Core of Everything We Do

Exeter is a community based on respect for all. Learn more about our inclusive community.

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Safety Is Our Priority

Campus Safety is available 24/7, with on-call transportation and around-the-clock patrols.

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Academic Support

Our small classes, advising system, supportive faculty and Academic Support Center are designed for student success.

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Health Care

On-campus health center with friendly counseling and medical staff is available to all students.

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