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Athletics Schedule

10/23/20193:00pmFootball JVSt. Paul’s SchoolAwaywin symbol6-0
10/23/20193:15pmField Hockey JVShore Country Day SchoolAwaywin symbol1-0
10/23/20193:15pmSoccer Boys JVTilton SchoolAwaywin symbol7-0
10/23/20194:00pmField Hockey VKimball Union AcademyHomewin symbol5-1
10/23/20194:00pmSoccer Boys VBerwick AcademyAwaywin symbol4-0
10/23/20194:00pmSoccer Girls VGroton SchoolHomewin symbol3-0
10/26/20193:15pmCross Country Girls V/JVSt. Paul’s SchoolHome
10/26/20193:15pmField Hockey VSt. Paul’s SchoolHome
10/26/20193:15pmSoccer Girls JVSt. Paul’s SchoolHome
10/26/20193:15pmSoccer Girls VSt. Paul’s SchoolHome
10/26/20193:15pmVolleyball Girls JVSt. Paul’s SchoolHome
10/26/20193:15pmVolleyball Girls VSt. Paul’s SchoolHome
10/26/20193:30pmSoccer Boys JVSt. Paul’s SchoolHome
10/26/20193:30pmSoccer Boys VSt. Paul’s SchoolHome
10/26/20193:45pmCross Country Boys V/JVSt. Paul’s SchoolHome
10/26/20194:45pmField Hockey JVSt. Paul’s SchoolHome
10/26/20194:45pmWater Polo Boys VLoomis Chaffee SchoolAway
10/26/20196:00pmWater Polo Boys JVLoomis Chaffee SchoolAway