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Who We Are

Exeter is a community of exploration where exceptional students come together to discover, to challenge and to create. Where collaboration becomes the common language. Where insightful minds and good hearts gather together seeking answers. Where being a game-changer becomes a way of life.

Like Exonians, you’re curious about the world and the people around you. You’re talented, passionate about learning, creative, kind and ready to experience something new. We can’t wait to meet you.

Exonians at a Glance

  • Split about 50/50 between girls and boys
  • Come from 43 states and 29 countries
  • 46% are students of color
  • 80% live in dorms and 20% commute from local towns
  • Hail from six of the seven continents (sorry, Antarctica!)
  • Learn in classes of 12 students and one teacher
  • Grades 9 through 12 and postgraduate



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