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Sustainability at Exeter

With 16 student environmental clubs and a mission statement that demands thoughtful stewardship, outreach and education, Exeter’s commitment to sustainability is manifold and present in every aspect of school life.

From the elimination of plastic water bottles on campus to Climate Action Day, opportunities to engage with peers and adults on environmental issues, enact change, and reflect on the importance of the natural world is an important part of life here at Exeter.


student environmental clubs


solar panels on the Thompson Field House roof, enough to power 60 homes

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Climate Action Day reinforces our collective capability to change our predicted future and simultaneously reminds me that significant impact will only come if each day becomes a microcosm of PEA’s Climate Action Day."
Pedro Repsold de Sanson '18

Sustainability Staff

Warren Biggins - Manager of Sustainability and Natural Resources

Jason BreMiller - English Instructor, Sustainability Education Coordinator

Contact: sustainabilitypea@exeter.edu